Response-ability: feelingthinkingmaking patterns of gendered dis/comfort in education

#1 Annabelle

“I think my last school got involved in it? It was an all-girls school so I think they cared about that quite a bit but it didn’t really interest me so I didn’t really notice that much…It’s not just something I’m interested in?”

#2 Jasmine

“I feel like here, because it is a co-educational school, they don’t celebrate either of the genders much, obviously because it is co and they don’t want to differentiate which I think is good…

Oh, we do, we do but I haven’t applied for any of it. We have a lot of things like women in physics because it is, while it is becoming really common for girls to be into physics, there was a time when girls were considered to, physics and engineering was not for girls or whatever; kind of like how I'm doing materials engineering… and apart from me there’s only one other girl in the class. I mean we both don’t like the subject now, but we gave it a go and we were the only two girls in a class of twenty-five boys, so yeah. I mean imagine two hundred kids and only two girls wanted to do that subject and I kind of just, it was like I’ll give it a go, but I don’t like it.”

#3 Annie

“This year, the scariest moment for me was I was with my friend and we saw there was a free place on the basketball court so we went over there and played, just the two of us, and then we were there and no‑one was there and then after a few minutes or so, all these year 12 boys came over and they asked for our ball and I said, no, and then they started joining in and then they went off and just stood and watched us and I was really uncomfortable and I felt really vulnerable there, but we just stayed there and then waited until end of lunch, so that was really the most scariest moment this year for me.”